160 anni poste

One hundred and sixty years of history and one focus: people. Poste Italiane is a community of more than 120,000 employees working every day to ensure innovative and high-quality services for citizens throughout Italy. Representatives of Poste Italiane’s workforce attended the celebrations for the company’s 160th anniversary at the Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome.

Thanking employees

Poste Italiane is a family that has come together as one to celebrate this important anniversary, but it remains united even in the most challenging times, as Chairperson Maria Bianca Farina recalled: “We have been through some truly dark times in the last few years. Since then, Poste Italiane has never stopped and that is thanks to you. Thank you all: you never stopped, and that makes you truly special. Once again, I thank you on behalf of the company and the group.”

102% fully listed

The 160th anniversary has been an opportunity to consolidate the relationship between Poste Italiane and its workers by sharing strategic and development news: “We are now fully listed,” stressed CEO Matte Del Fante, “in fact, if we wanted to be analytical purists, we are 102% listed. We too experienced a € 500 million drop in mail in a two-year period, but we absorbed this loss ourselves,” Del Fante emphasised, “let us always remember this because it is a source of great pride for us, and with pride comes responsibility.”

The largest company in the country

There are many future challenges, but Poste Italiane is aware that it is one of the foundations of Italy’s economic system: “We have to dispel that myth that we are the largest company in the country because we have the highest number of employees,” said Co-General Manager Giuseppe Lasco. “We are the largest company in the country because we are leaders in financial systems, logistics, insurance services, and payments. We are one of the strongest brands in the world,” Lasco concluded, “that is why we are unique and why we are the largest company in the country”.