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There are now numerous Poste Italiane services that can be used conveniently via App from smartphones and tablets, even on the move. In particular, the Ufficio Postale App saves time by bringing many Post Office services to the homes of citizens. For example, the App allows users to search for the nearest post office, check the status of a shipment, book a ticket and make an appointment at a specific time to collect your pension, activate your SPID and access other services. The App also allows the use of the main financial and postal services, offering the possibility, for example, to pay bills and check the status of a shipment.

How the Ufficio Postale App works

To use the Ufficio Postale App, you must first download it from the Google play store for Android smartphones, or from the Apple store for iPhones. Once you have downloaded the App, register by entering the required data. In order to take advantage of all the features, it is advisable to also register on To proceed more quickly, you can register your fingerprint via smartphone and use it to log into the APP. After logging in, the initial screen displays the ‘search post office’ or ‘search shipment’ function to check the status of a registered letter or parcel. Clicking on the top left opens the full menu of all available services.

Search Post Office

To search for the nearest post office, simply enter the address or postcode. The Post Offices in the identified area are then displayed on the area map. By selecting the office of interest, all information about the specific office is displayed, such as services, opening hours, presence of Wi-Fi and Postamat ATM, as well as the distance to the location.

Book post office tickets

The ‘book ticket’ function is particularly useful, as it allows you to make an appointment at the post office and save time by going there directly are the appointed time. The function is accessed from the home page. Scroll down to ‘book ticket’. This opens up a map where you can view the nearest post offices to your current location, but also select one of the pick-up points or lockers in the Punto Poste network to collect or return parcels purchased online.

You can now select the office of interest to view the name of the office and the services offered. You then proceed to choose between two options: get in line now or book your turn for later. If you were unable to book your turn in advance, you can get in line shortly before arriving at the post office using the ‘get in line’ function. With this service, you can request a digital ticket and monitor the queue directly on your smartphone, or make an appointment for another time. After selecting one of the two alternatives, log in with the credentials used to register on the site. The next step is choosing the type of operation to be performed at the post office: dispatch and collection, all operations or SPID. Depending on the option chosen, the Ufficio Postale App allows you to select the available time and confirm the booking. At this point, the App generates the screen with the ticket, which shows the time and access number at the top and a QR code at the bottom, which must be scanned at the queue manager screen, which is usually located at the entrance of the post office. To avoid the risk of missing your turn, the App sends a notification 15 minutes before the appointment, upon request.

Payment slips and payment notices

The Ufficio Postale App allows you to make various payments in total security, such as utility bills, Pago PA payment notices and car property tax. Simply select one of these options from the menu on the left and log in with your registration credentials at To pay it is necessary to indicate the bulletin code, which can be detected automatically scanning with your smartphone, or by entering the information manually. The amount can be debited from your BancoPosta account, PostePay card or other Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Remember that it is also possible to make a payment via the BancoPosta and Postepay Apps.

Sending parcels and correspondence

With just a few clicks, it is possible to send registered mail, telegrams, letters, as well as parcels and suitcases, in Italy and abroad. After selecting the shipment type in the main menu, log in with your credentials. Next, enter the data required and make the payment by debiting your BancoPosta account, Postepay card or Visa and Mastercard credit cards. One of the latest innovations of the Ufficio Postale App is the possibility of sending parcels by measuring the size of the box directly with your smartphone and shipping in paperless mode, i.e. without printing the waybill. This way, the parcel can be handed over to the courier who performs the free home collection and who will affix the shipping information on the box.

Search shipments

Through the APP, it is also possible to monitor the status of any shipment handled by Poste Italiane or check the post office where a registered letter has been delivered. Simply click on the ‘search shipment’ function (formerly called ‘where when’), scan the code or enter it manually and the App will indicate where your shipment is located. The mail search service is also available on the website or, via call centre, by calling 803.160 (Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.), and finally via whatsapp at 371.5003715, which puts the customer in contact with the Poste Digital Assistant, a robot that uses artificial intelligence to interact with customers in natural language.


Enthusiasts can also access a section entirely dedicated to the world of philately where they can find both the calendar of philatelic issues and the rich programme of events and shows dedicated to philately and collecting. This section also provides information on the philatelic subscription that allows you to receive stamps and philatelic products from Poste Italiane directly at home.