Poste Italiane e Polizia di Stato rinnovano l’accordo sulla sicurezza

Polizia di Stato and Poste Italiane renew their cooperation agreement to ensure the security of communications and postal services. The agreement was signed between the Chief of Police-General Manager of Public Security. Lamberto Giannini, and the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Matteo Del Fante with Poste Italiane’s Co-General Manager Giuseppe Lasco. The traditional relationship of cooperation between the Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni part of Polizia di Stato and Poste Italiane has enabled excellent results to be achieved over the years, even in the face of the profound change that has affected the type of services offered by the company, and thanks to a consolidated operational model that has fostered the development of important synergies.


The rapid evolution of Poste Italiane’s services towards digital has required a greater commitment in the field of financial crime prevention and computer system security, an area in which the Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni makes a valuable contribution. Payment systems for e-commerce, financial services and insurance have grown in importance and value in this respect, so it was necessary to intensify the control and updating of both physical and IT security structures. Specifically, the new agreement mainly concerns the prevention and repression of offences involving products and production processes of the services offered by the Poste Italiane Group, surveillance activities in post offices during scheduled payment periods, and the creation of task forces to study new computer fraud scenarios, in line with what the Polizia di Stato constantly ensures in all strategic sectors of the country to protect essential services and the fundamental rights of citizens.


The collaboration on cybersecurity is equally important: for the company, in fact, the Internet constitutes the main platform for the use of its services and, therefore, the commitment to ensure adequate levels of cybersecurity is maximised. This is also made possible thanks to the invaluable assistance of the Polizia Postale, which is responsible for protecting the company’s networks and IT infrastructures while providing advice and support to prevent critical events. Therefore, special attention will be paid to user protection and awareness-raising in the use and management of financial services, especially online. Poste Italiane and the Polizia Postale have thus also started to cooperate when it comes to information in order to reduce risks and offences such as the misuse of credit cards, phishing, the acquisition of sensitive personal data, computer fraud and scams. The meeting for the signing of the agreement was also attended by, for the Department of Public Security, Prefect Daniela Stradiotto, Central Director for the Traffic, Railway and Communications Police and, for the Special Units of Polizia di Stato, Antonio Borrelli, Director General of Public Security and Ivano Gabrielli, Director of the Postal Police and Communications Service; for Poste Italiane, Vanes Montanari, Head of the Corporate Protection function and Alessio Bifarini, Head of the Physical Security function.