Punto Poste per ritiri e spedizione pacchi

Picking up online purchases when and where you prefer is one of the main needs of e-commerce customers. To this end, Poste Italiane provides those who by and sell online, and those who need to ship something, with the Punto Poste network, consisting of affiliated shops and automated lockers. The network, which is gradually being extended throughout the country, adds to the services offered through the widespread network of around 28,000 postal delivery workers and the 12,800 post offices in small and large towns. In addition, special Punto Poste Da Te lockers are available for condominiums, companies and public administrations, which can be installed by Poste Italiane upon specific request for mailing services and to pay bills and use other postal services.


  1. Punto Poste: pick-up points in businesses and lockers
  2. How to collect at a Punto Poste
  3. What can be sent from a Punto Poste
  4. How to send via the Punto Poste network
  5. Punto Poste Da Te: smart lockers for condominiums and companies

Punto Poste: pick-up points in businesses and lockers

The Punto Poste network consists of numerous pick-up and delivery points close to customers who need to send or collect a parcel:

  • around 13,000 tobacconists, bars, stationers, newsagents
  • KiPoint shops gradually being activated throughout the territory
  • around 100 Carrefour supermarkets, where you can pick up your parcels while shopping
  • around 350 lockers, self-service, automated lockers where shipments can be picked up quickly and easily with extended opening hours, generally located near petrol stations, shopping centres, railway stations and post offices.

In case of need, for assistance and information on the services of the Punto Poste network, the toll-free number 800 111 960 is available to customers from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

How to collect at a Punto Poste

To pick up a product bought online at a Pick-up Point, during the purchase process on the e-commerce site you will have to choose the preferred Post Office Point where you want your shipment to be delivered. E-commerce sites joining the Punto Poste Network include Amazon, Zalando, H&M.

Once the delivery notification has been received, either by text message or e-mail, the customer can go to the Point selected in the order, providing the operator with the delivery code. In the case of collection at a locker, as soon as the shipment is available for collection, Poste Italiane sends a notification via text message and e-mail to the recipient with a pin code that must be typed in following the instructions on the locker screen.

At the end of the transaction, an electronic receipt will be sent, which can also be printed out if the collection takes place at a locker.

What can be sent from a Punto Poste

At the Punto Poste network, it is possible to send parcels measuring 36x37x56 cm and weighing up to 15 kg.

They can be return packages, i.e. products to be returned to the online seller, pre-franked Poste Deliverybox Express packages, or packages sent online via the Poste Delivery Web site. But let’s learn more:

  •  when sending returns purchased on e-commerce sites , which have activated the Reverse Paperless service, please note that it is no longer necessary to print the waybill. The return can be delivered directly to a pick-up point or post office simply by showing the QR code received by e-mail from Poste Italiane;
  • pre-franked and prepaid PosteDeliverybox Express parcels , in small, medium and large format envelopes, can be sent from a Punto Poste;
  •  those who ship using the Poste Delivery Web portal can also use the Punto Poste network. In this case, the parcel, on which the shipping label is to be affixed, can be handed over to the postal carrier for free home pick-up. Alternatively, the sender can deliver it to the collection point, locker or post office most convenient to them.

How to ship using the Punto Poste network

To ship from one of the Punto Poste points, the first step is to search for the nearest Punto Poste, shop or locker on the poste.it website or via the Post Office App. If a locker is chosen, the customer must manually enter the parcel barcode on the shipping label, following the instructions on the locker video. When finished, the locker opens to allow you to insert the parcel to be sent. At Collection Points such as tobacconists, shops or Kipoint, simply hand the parcel to be sent to the operator, who will automatically send a receipt by e-mail to the sender.

Punto Poste Da Te: smart lockers for condominiums and companies

For condominiums, companies and public administration, Poste Italiane instead provides the Punto Poste Da Te smart lockers, which offer the main mailing and payment services of the post office.

The service is free of charge and allows you to manage shipments, returns and payments from the comfort of your home or office 24/7.

The lockers are installed, on request, in communal spaces and are equipped with a screen that allows you to access the available services using your smartphone. With this solution, you can receive parcels automatically, quickly and safely, even when you are not at home.

All you need to do, after registering for the service, to open the smart locker where the parcel has been deposited by the courier (even if different from the Poste Italiane Group) is use the onscreen reader to scan the QR Code received on the ‘Post Office’ App, which the customer must have previously downloaded from the store.

Remember that Punto Poste Da Te lockers not only allow you to receive parcels, but also offer other services:

  • you can send prepaid parcels from the Poste Delivery Box range and those purchased via the Poste Delivery Web service, as well as collect mail that must be signed for, even if it has a return receipt. In this case, you have to digitally sign via the ‘Post Office’ APP before displaying the QR Code for collection.
  • it is possible to pay postal slips
  • you can top up PostePay prepaid cards and telephone SIM cards.
  • personal deliveries can also be handled, (e.g. a set of keys can be returned). In this case, one accesses the ‘Post Office’ APP, books a locker for a ‘private’ delivery and shares the opening code for the locker with the person concerned.

To find out the requirements for applying for the service and information on how to activate it, go to https://www.poste.it/puntopostedate