“Green Postal Day”: l’impegno di Poste Italiane per l’ambiente con le consegne sostenibili

On 16 September, the fourth Green Postal Day was held, an international meeting of postal operators on the topic of sustainability. Poste Italiane is at the forefront of this event, which TG Poste also covered in an in-depth report.

The numbers achieved in the name of sustainability

Together with the principal leaders in logistics, Poste Italiane is committed to developing a more sustainable economy and society through increasingly low carbon emission deliveries. This commitment from the postal operators — as TG’s news report says — “has led to an annual reduction of more than 34% in collective pollutant emissions in 2021 compared to 2008 and, from 2012 to 2021, doubled the portion of alternative fuel vehicles from 12% to 24% of the postal fleet”. The companies participating in Green Postal Day “also lowered their aggregate electricity consumption by more than 17.5 TWh, 34% of which came from renewable sources”.

The 2024 Sustain & Innovate Plan

In the case of Poste Italiane, the objectives are part of the 2024 Sustain & Innovate Plus business plan, which aims — among other commitments — to decarbonise the company’s vehicle fleet as part of the zero-emission target set for 2030.

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