Poste: Del Fante, con LIS Holding 55mila nuovi punti di contatto con 5 milioni di visite al giorno

With the EUR 700 million acquisition of the LIS Holding paytech, Poste Italiane strengthens its leadership in digital and proximity payments, offering its customers 55 thousand new touch points.

‘Close to our customers’

Poste Italiane CEO Matteo Del Fante said it in an interview with TGPoste while commenting on the closing of the transaction: ‘The acquisition,’ Del Fante said, ‘stems from our desire to be close to our customers by offering our services in the way they find most convenient.’ ‘With LIS Holding,’ added the CEO of Poste Italiane, ‘we are adding 55 thousand new contact points to the 12,800 post offices, which have around 5 million daily visits.’

The role of LIS points

The ubiquity of the physical network of post offices, however, remains central in offering products and services to citizens: ‘The LIS points will be a kind of ‘puller-inner’ for post offices,’ explained Del Fante. Citizens will be able to start at the LIS offices ‘a relationship that will continue at the post office, where we have significantly diversified our offer. The first product we have already started testing in Emilia-Romagna is the possibility of going to the tobacconist’s and booking tickets at the counter or appointments at the advisory office.’