Pacchi, ricariche e pagamenti cashless: portalettere sempre più digitali con i nuovi palmari

Letter carriers have never been so digital. The new handheld devices used by Poste Italiane letter carriers can handle cash-on-delivery correspondence and parcels and allow cashless payment through the PostePay “Pay with code” feature as well as, in the coming months, through the new SoftPOS contactless payment function. In addition, it is possible to manage phone and PostePay top-ups exclusively through electronic payments in a safer and faster way.

Fast and safe transactions

The handheld devices supplied to all letter carriers, in addition to speeding up work such as tracking the delivery of post, parcels, and registered letters, insured mail and court documents allows value-added options such as cash-on-delivery payments, delivery by appointment, and home collection of registered post to be managed efficiently, also thanks to the use of the addressee’s electronic signature directly on the handheld.

30,000 terminals by 2024

By 2024, Poste Italiane plans to activate more than 30,000 state-of-the-art terminals for letter carriers throughout Italy. Due to an increasingly competitive market and following the exponential growth of e-commerce with ever greater demand from citizens, the company, led by CEO Matteo Del Fante, has decided to revise its historic delivery service to be more digital, once again emphasising its closeness to the territories and local communities. This is why it continues to support the country’s digitisation process, reaffirming its proximity to citizens and offering them a range of innovative products and services directly at their doorstep thanks to letter carriers and their handhelds.