Educazione finanziaria, oltre 2mila iscritti ai webinar di Poste Italiane

Around 2,000 people registered for the events organised by Poste Italiane during Financial Education Month, divided by age group (16% were 18-35, 40% were 36-55, 25% were 56-65, 20% were over 65) and with a prevalence of employees (52%) in addition to pensioners (24%), professionals and the self-employed (10%), and students/homemakers (14%).

Events and Themes

A total of 8 online webinars were held as well as an in-person event at the Post Office in Piazza San Silvestro in Rome, organised for Insurance Education Day, with a conference entitled ‘Identifying life risks and insurance’. The online meetings covered various topics, namely Retirement Planning, Protection, Savings and Investments, Credit Management, Generational Changeover, and, specifically, the web conference on 27 October during Pension Education Week was about The Pension System and Complementary Forms of Pension.

Questions from participants

During the events, the participants asked various questions, almost always in relation to the current historical moment we are going through. For example, how to overcome concerns about current inflation rates and thus understand how best to manage one’s savings and invest it correctly or how to overcome doubts and uncertainties about the future and thus the issue of risk protection and one’s own future pension (at any working age) or that of children/grandchildren. A few questions also came up on how to choose the right financing or how to best manage the generational transition and thus be a good ancestor.

The Importance of Financial Education

‘Financial education should be a fundamental part of every citizen’s basic culture, but unfortunately, this is not yet the case’, explains Roberto Pugliesi, head of the Financial Education team within Poste Italiane’s Corporate University. ‘In a world increasingly immersed in economics and finance, it is no longer possible to ignore the rules of good conduct that allow citizens to understand how to protect themselves from major risks, manage current expenses, invest their savings efficiently, and safeguard their future spending power. As Poste, we also participated in this year’s Financial Education Month, but we run events all year round. Our webinars will, in fact, continue in November and December, when two more web conferences await us. Between April 2019 and October 2022, Poste Italiane held more than 220 Financial Education events, reaching over 50,000 citizens. We received positive feedback on the topics we covered, the effectiveness of the teaching material, and the quality of the teaching’.