del fante
L'Amministratore Delegato di Poste Italiane, Matteo Del Fante

“School trains, but work is often far off, so this Elis initiative creates a real, concrete bridge, with projects, between the world of education and the world of work, between school and business. We fully support it”. This is what the CEO of Poste Italiane stated on the sidelines of the presentation of Distretto Italia, the initiative launched by Consorzio Elis to guide young people in their study and work choices, train them, and place them at companies.

Poste and training

“Poste”, the CEO went on to emphasise, “does a lot of training. We are the entity that does the most training in the country — including in terms of the number of employees — and we participate in all the Elis initiatives. We are here”, concluded Matteo Del Fante, “to show our appreciation and support for Distretto Italia, which is truly a great initiative”.