Risultati primo trimestre Poste

Poste Italiane continues to create long-term value for all stakeholders. Supporting country’s sustainable growth through digitalisation, social cohesion initiatives and our contribution to the green transition. Continued focus on human capital as our key asset.

Key achievements in the quarter

  • Polis Project milestones. Since the launch of Polis Project at the end of January, more than 200 post offices were refurbished and in 8 small municipalities the one-stop-shop, to directly access the services of the Ministry of Justice, is up and running.
  • Inaugurated the new Fraud Prevention Centre for a 24/7 monitoring of financial transactions carried out in post offices, on-line and through payment cards. With experts and advanced technologies in Fraud Management and Fraud Intelligence activities, this centre contributes to further enhance the level of security for the Group and our clients.
  • As part of Poste Italiane’s transition journey towards carbon neutrality by 2030, the delivery fleet renewal and energy efficiency programs continued, as well as the replacement of current payment cards with cards made of eco-sustainable materials. At the end of March, the number of low emissions vehicles was about 23,500 (of which c.4,300 are electric), c.1,800 buildings were part of the Smart Building project and finally, the weight of eco-friendly cards on total payment cards stock went up to 22% (was 6% in Q1-22).
  • “Blooming Program” is continuing, a talent development program for our employees, which includes a series of initiatives (educational, relationship and experienced based) offering personalised development paths. This program is in line with Poste Italiane’s commitment in valuing our people, as key asset for Group’s sustainable growth.
  • Launch of “BancoPosta Universo Tematico”, flexible and multi-manager thematic fund of BancoPosta Fondi SGR that promotes environmental and social characteristics (pursuant to art.8 of EU Regulation 2019/2088 – SFDR). Its investment strategy aims to benefit from the medium-long term growth potential of three megatrends (Planet, Innovation, Population) while considering also sustainable finance criteria for the selection of financial instruments.