poste luce e gas

Poste Energia – Poste Italiane’s new electricity and gas plan for the free market – got off to a good start, so much so that it has already crossed the 250,000 contract milestone. According to the latest figures released by TgPoste, the Group led by CEO Matteo Del Fante which entered the energy market last February, continues to record strong customer appreciation for its electricity and gas offerings thanks to their transparency and simplicity.

The Electricity and Gas offer

The price of electricity and gas is in fact locked in for 24 months and customers can choose between two payment options: the traditional one with a variable amount based on quantities consumed the month, and the fixed instalment option, calculated on the basis of the previous year’s consumption and which allows customers to pay the same amount for 12 months, without surprises in their bills. At the end of the year, the instalment is recalculated for the following year on the basis of the actual consumption recorded.

On physical and digital channels

Poste Italiane also offers the possibility of subscribing to the Poste Energia plan on all of the Group’s physical and digital channels (Post Offices, web, Postepay APP and Bancoposta APP), which are perfectly integrated with each other: it is in fact possible to start a quote on the digital channels and end it in a Post Office and vice versa.