Sicurezza Poste Italiane

There was great coverage in the press and on national television for the first Security Day organised by Poste Italiane with the participation of the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi who, together with Poste Italiane’s CEO Matteo Del Fante,and Co-General Manager Giuseppe Lasco, visited the Security room in the Rome headquarters.

The Security Room

In 2022, the group’s security room reported 584,000 security incidents. Cooperation with the police prevented 43 robberies, 75 thefts and 71 attacks on Postamat ATMs. Poste installed 13,000 anti-intrusion systems. Corriere della Sera headlined “Security room at Poste, 43 robberies foiled”: “As of 2019,” read the article, ” the group led by Matteo Del Fante has increased investments in security by 300% and made its anti-crime prevention devices more effective, reorganising the network of security rooms with four monitoring centres in Rome, Milan, Genoa and Naples. The company’s data show that, between 2016 and 2022, crimes decreased from 707 to 315 (-55%).

A shared commitment with the State

“Poste, robberies and taken money drop”, headlined Il Sole 24 Ore, reporting on Poste’s security figures. In the audience were also post office directors and employees, the business newspaper reported, “who have suffered robberies or other criminal events, who have defended legality, the operations of Poste and citizens, which makes us proud of the work we do,” stressed CEO Matteo Del Fante. Il Sole also reported the words of Piantedosi, who recalled the “fruitful cooperation with Poste” on various fronts, from the repression of financial crimes to the protection of networks.

Close to employees

Il Messaggero, which headlined “Poste bets on security. Investments up by 300%” also featured testimonies from employees who attended the event. The company organised this first Security Day precisely to “stand by the employees who have had the misfortune” of suffering such an attack, Del Fante explained. The objective, said Del Fante quoted by the Rome newspaper, is “to further enhance the perception of security of the millions of citizens who enter post offices every day and of our employees.” In the network of its 12,800 offices throughout Italy, more than EUR 70 billion were handled last year and the group interacts with Italians every day on average 20 million times.

The 8pm TG1

An extensive report was dedicated to Poste Italiane on the 8pm edition of TG1. “Security remains central to the company’s strategies,” the report emphasised. Boasting 35 million users and almost 13,000 offices nationwide, Poste Italiane has halved the number of criminal incidents by enhancing the monitoring of its offices with new video surveillance systems thanks to a 300% increase in security investments over the last four years.