Il condirettore Lasco: “Il Progetto Polis è già realtà. 2 milioni e mezzo di italiani chiedono di lavorare in Poste”

Poste Italiane launches Campus Italia, the project born from an alliance with the country’s leading universities and intended to give rise to the first six development and training centres for the Group’s employees.  This was announced by Poste Italiane’s Co-General Manager Giuseppe Lasco, interviewed by TgPoste, who explained that the company has entered into “around 50 agreements with the best Italian universities and training institutions.” We would like to develop these agreements to their fullest potential,’ he added, ‘by creating advanced technological and educational spaces dedicated to training.

Lasco explained that the new training centres will be established in Milan, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Palermo, in order to make the most of Poste Italiane personnel throughout the country: “Campus Italia will be a project aimed at achieving excellence, through which our employees will have the opportunity to develop new skills and obtain certifications,” Lasco announced. “We have always emphasised that in this company we have to make the most of meritocratic processes,” continued the Co-General Manager, “and the development of people is one of our strategic pillars for continued growth.”

This project will serve to make Poste Italiane even more attractive on the labour market: “Today there are about 2.5 million people, who want to work with us, compared to 300,000 a few years ago” Lasco concluded. This is indicative of the great progress we have made in recent years.