A Poste il Premio Progetto Donna della Fondazione AILA, il Condirettore Generale Lasco: “Siamo esempio per il Paese nella parità di genere”

Poste is at the forefront of companies that pay attention to gender equality, the importance of women’s health and prevention. The ceremony for the 22nd edition of Fondazione Aila’s Progetto Donna Award for the fight against arthrosis and osteoporosis was held at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome on 2 December.


Lasco at the Progetto Donna Award: Poste a driving force for Italian companies

The General Manager of Poste Italiane Giuseppe Lasco accepted the award assigned to Poste for its commitment to the prevention of arthrosis and osteoporosis, two diseases that are rapidly growing in Italy and around the world. “I gladly accept this award,” Lasco told the TG Poste microphones, “which I wish to share with my colleagues at Poste. We are a ‘country system’ company, the largest by number of people, and we are an example, a driving force for other companies when it comes to respect for the individual, gender equality and meritocracy. We are working hard with our models, in addition to all the certifications we have received. And this award also fills us with satisfaction.”