poste piano strategico
L'Amministratore Delegato di Poste Italiane Matteo Del Fante

Poste Italiane’s new strategic plan – built on both successful ‘deliver22’ and ‘2024 sustain & innovate’ executions – continues a sustainable and profitable growth trajectory;

Italy’s strategic pillar, largest phygital platform connecting citizens, businesses and the public administration with multiple touchpoints: 13,000 post offices, 51,000 third-party network points, 12 million digital payment wallets, managing 6.9 billion interactions yearly;

A large tech infrastructure powering the platform company fostering operational efficiency, customer experience and loyalty;

A new commercial service model to maximise value of client relationships;

Logistics transformation to ensure mail & parcel business sustainability;

A new customized superapp serving as the single access point to the platform for all products and services

A clear commitment to deliver value creation:

2028 revenues at €13.5bn

2028 ebit at €3.2bn

2028 net profit at €2.3bn

Payout ratio of at least 65%, targeting a dividend per share of not less than €1.0 in 2026 and at least€6.5 billion cumulated over the plan

53 new esg targets to progress on our sustainability path

Commenting on the new plan, Matteo Del Fante, Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Poste Italiane’s transformation journey started back in 2017 with a simple ambition: to maximise value for our clients and be the most effective and trusted distribution network in Italy.

We have gone beyond that and established ourselves as the largest phygital platform in Italy, thriving on the integration of multiple touchpoints and creating an omnichannel ecosystem where each portion of the platform complements the other. We have invested in digital, data and our businesses, with our vast client base at the centre.

With this new strategic plan we are reshaping our business to seize substantial growth: with the New Commercial Service Model, designed to optimize the value of our platform and the logistics transformation to evolve into a future-proof network and preserve the financial sustainability of our mail and parcel business.

In Financial Services by evolving our client segmentation allocating them to specialized financial advisors, we will be sure to better cover all our client needs by adapting the network to them rather than asking them to adapt to us.

In Insurance Services our focus is on keeping steady growth in the Life Investment & Pension business and leveraging increasing demand and low customer penetration in the Protection business.

Postepay Services has created an open payment ecosystem with payments at its core, adding home services such as fibre and energy and leveraging on Poste Italiane’s omnichannel platform.

The introduction of the SuperApp, with the Digital payment wallet at its core, and the constant evolution of our digital properties will create more value for customers, allowing them to choose the preferred omnichannel experience and increase our profitability.

All of this focuses around the increasing relevance of our digital channels, which is a result of important tech investments made to create the truly omnichannel platform approach we have embraced. The new SuperApp is the tip of our tech evolution iceberg enabling business integration and confirming the role of Poste Italiane as a ‘Platform Company’.

In financial terms, Poste Italiane’s revenues will grow to €13.5 billion by 2028 and EBIT will reach €3.2 billion, recording an annual growth rate of around 4%. Similarly, net profit will reach €2.3 billion in 2028.

Thanks to solid and sustainable cash and capital generation, we are upgrading and changing the approach in the dividend policy, committing to a payout ratio of at least 65% over the plan, targeting at least €1.0 DPS in 2026 and at least €6.5 billion cumulated dividends over the plan.

All of this will not be possible without our colleagues, who are the real transformation drivers of the plan, as they have always been in fact. We look forward to continue delivering together sustainable, long-term returns for our shareholders, while meeting the needs of broader stakeholders, with Poste Italiane now being a solid, trusted, and effective strategic pillar for Italy”.