Postepay services revenues are up 17.3% y/y to €379m in the first quarter of the year2, confirming the role played by Postepay as leader in the fast-growing and evolving digital payments market in Italy.

Payments revenues up 13.7% to €283m as Postepay leads the continued structural shift from cash to card/digital payments and confirms its leadership in e-commerce payments, up 16% in Q1-24.

Telco revenues were up 1.8% y/y to €81m in Q1-24, supported by the fiber offer and benefitting from a loyal customer base of 4.8 million users, in a competitive market.

The Poste Energia retail energy offer, launched in June 2022, contributed to the top line with €15m in the quarter2.

Segment EBIT for the period was up 32.3% y/y to €117m, driven by strong revenue growth.