CEO Matteo Del Fante: “Poste Italiane is a market leader at the service of the country”

“Today, Poste Italiane is a company with a social function for the country as a whole. Our company acts as a platform, supporting the needs of our customers through our own innovative means, but also by consolidating our presence across the country”. In his speech at the event to celebrate Poste Italiane’s 160th anniversary, CEO Matteo Del Fante noted the innovative nature of the company and its close relationship with citizens and the country as a whole, even in times of difficulty. “Every Italian can reach a physical branch of Poste Italiane in less than five minutes,” emphasised Del Fante, “a network that allows us to have 20 million interactions with Italians every day”.

Protecting savings and payment cards

He continued: “We now have three large hubs that sort up to 1 million parcels per day; we were the sixth largest logistics operator in Italy until a few years ago, and last year we became the first for goods delivery.” But Poste Italiane is more than just logistics, as Del Fante was keen to highlight, speaking about the company’s importance in protecting the savings of Italian citizens, as it has since 1876 with the first postal savings books. And there is also a boom in payment cards: “To date,” he added, “there are 29 million PostePay cards, making us the number one payment-card provider in the country.

“No one left behind”

“Poste Italiane is not just about the market, products, and profit and loss accounts,” reiterated the CEO. “Our commitment to rural areas was clearly demonstrated at this event, and we place great importance on the Polis project, because of our desire to engage with offices of smaller municipalities and the services of the Public Administration. According to Del Fante, the pandemic was “a really important moment, confronting us with a challenge that at times made even us doubt our ability to overcome it. For 100,000 people at Poste Italiane, smart working was not an option: so we give a big thank you for the spirit of service and dedication from all of our employees”. “Poste Italiane,” concluded Del Fante, “does not want to leave anyone behind, maintaining a 160-year commitment, and with our important history we will play an equally important role in the country’s future.