Corrispondenza, pacchi e logistica: il risultato operativo è positivo per il terzo trimestre consecutivo

Poste Italiane’s last mile offer, with its delivery services increasingly closer to the needs of customers, was the star attraction of the latest Netcomm Focus Logistic & Packaging 2022, the event that provides an overview of e-commerce in Italy every year, with in-depth analyses of digital scenarios and innovations in progress. The company thus reaffirmed its role as the master of e-commerce in our country. The analyses showed how Poste Italiane provides increasingly customised services for the delivery of products to Italian homes, with customers remaining at the centre of logistics policies that are always focused on sustainability. The concept was reinforced by the words of Stefano Scapin, Chief Revenue Officer of MLKDeliveries: ‘Today, Poste Italiane is a leader in the delivery sector: just think that 249 million deliveries were made last year, a figure that provides a good idea of the size of the broad perimeter within which Poste operates’.

A flexible response

These results were also made possible by perfect organisation: “Today, when it comes to e-commerce, the company has been able to organise a highly specialised response to market needs,” added the Chief Revenue Officer of MLKDeliveries. “It is a flexible, specialised offer that takes advantage of the largest network of pick-up points available in Italy. Home delivery is also enhanced by Poste Delivery Now, which is the service with the highest level of flexibility and scheduling available on the market today’.

Sustainable company

‘Last but not least,’ concluded Stefano Scapin, ‘the special approach of Poste Italiane, which is strongly based on sustainability, should be mentioned. In short, Poste Italiane’s role is increasingly that of optimising customer experience, starting from the delivery phase up to the management of returns. And it is precisely on this basis that Poste Delivery Business was born, Poste Italiane’s new e-commerce offering that exploits the profitable synergy between all of the group’s assets, with many solutions also aimed at sustainability.