Educazione digitale in Poste Italiane: l’innovazione negli strumenti di pagamento

Payment systems have undergone a real revolution in recent years thanks to the development of the IOT and the widespread diffusion of mobile and fibre connections, introducing more and more innovative solutions to support our everyday life.

Dematerialised and secure payments

Payments with credit cards or physical cash cards seem obsolete compared to the many solutions offered by the market – mobile phones, watches, speakers and other smart objects can turn into tools for transmitting or receiving money. Because innovation involves both end-users and retailers, companies and digital service providers are constantly introducing new solutions, such as the increasingly popular Buy now pay later, to meet their customers’ needs.
Ease of use and speed of transactions cannot, in any case, be separated from ensuring high levels of security, protecting both the amounts transferred and the personal data of users. Over the years, processes have been refined and increasingly effective recognition systems have been created, based, for instance, on biometrics such as facial, voice and fingerprint recognition.

The webinar to discover the innovations taking place

In the ‘Pagamenti digitali: libera il tuo tempo e semplifica la tua vita’ (Digital Payments: free your time and simplify your life) webinar scheduled for Wednesday 21 September, the current developments and the many benefits for both individuals and the community will be illustrated with a look at the now near future, which is expected to be increasingly dematerialised.
Lavinia Mancini, Head of Digital Payments at PostePay, a group company that has always been dedicated to service innovation, will be the session guest.
The webinar is free of charge and you can register from the Digital Education web section.

Digital Education tools available on the Poste Italiane website

The Digital Education project aims at giving users an overview of technological and digital innovations, through dedicated multimedia content and free webinars.
Podcasts, infographics and games are available that illustrate the different aspects and technologies used for those who already want to get acquainted with the world of digital payments.
The initiative is part of the company’s broader programme to act as a guide for citizens in developing knowledge and increasing skills between technology and innovation.
Activities can be followed on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter via the #educatzionedigitale hashtag and in the stories section of Instagram.