Educazione digitale in Poste Italiane: l’attivazione di SPID per minorenni

Digital natives grow up immersed in a new reality formed by connections, online services, and virtual processes. Having a certified digital identity from a young age will enable someone to grow as a digital citizen.

Access to online services

The request to activate a digital identity for a minor must be submitted by the parent or guardian who, by accessing their own personal SPID area, will manage the access authorisations to the various enabled services for the minor.
Up to the age of 13, the SPID user account allows access to the online services provided by the educational establishments that will gradually be available while, from the age of 14, the child can also request access to the other online services enabled.

A webinar to find out what’s new

In the SPID: crescono i servizi e i ragazzi crescono con SPID (SPID: services grow and children grow with SPID) webinar scheduled for Wednesday, 28 September, the functionalities of the Public Digital Identity Service and the news about its extension to minors will be explained.
Marco De Iacovo, Head of Digital Identity at Poste Italiane, will be the session guest. The webinar is free, and you can register from the Digital Education web section.

Digital Education tools available on the Poste Italiane website

The Digital Education project aims to give users an overview of technological and digital innovations, through dedicated multimedia content and free webinars.
For anyone who would already like to start delving into the features and functionalities of the services, the SPID, Public Digital Identity System podcast and theSPID and SPID for minors infographics are available.
The initiative is part of the company’s broader programme to act as a guide for citizens in developing knowledge and increasing skills between technology and innovation.
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