Poste Italiane has been included on ‘Change the world 2022’, the list of 50 companies that are changing the world through their business. Recounting this great achievement by Poste Italiane is an article published in the Fortune Italia portal, which highlights the fact that the company’s sustainability plans commit one third of the investments – from €3.1 billion – of its business plan.

The Change the world list

The ‘Change the world’ list, the portal explains, was created in 2015 and compared to other rankings, such as the Fortune 500, does not look at corporate turnover, but at social impact and sustainability. In the case of Poste, the commitment to the electrification of deliveries – with scooters, quadricycles and recharging points – was rewarded, which according to Fortune is happening at a faster pace than similar companies in other countries.

Poste’s commitments

The delivery of mail and parcels, the article goes on to explain, travels on green vehicles. The buildings that house offices and postal facilities are smart, while energy comes from renewable sources and is also provided by photovoltaic systems located on company sites. The ultimate goal is carbon neutrality by 2030, ahead of the timeline set by the European Union. The portal goes on to discuss the ESG Strategic Plan integrated in the ‘Sustain & Innovate Plus 2024 Business Plan’. After explaining how the plan is based on eight pillars – integrity and transparency, personnel development, diversity and inclusion, value for local communities, customer experience, innovation, green transition, and sustainable finance – the article reports the words of CEO Matteo Del Fante, who explained that ‘about one third of the 3.1 billion in investments allocated with the new business plan is earmarked for sustainability’. The plan ‘aims to achieve responsible growth, accompanying Italy’s path of sustainability and social integrity, with a strategy that is fully aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals’.

Awards Poste Italiane has received

Being on the ‘Change the world’ list is not the only accolade Poste Italiane has collected in recent months. ‘The company has entered the world’s most prestigious industry indices and has been certified by the best rating agencies in almost all areas of sustainable comparison,’ explains Poste Italiane’s Co-General Manager, Giuseppe Lasco, quoted by Fortune. ‘The Group is increasingly successfully integrating the management of ESG risks and opportunities into the business with the aim of overcoming the challenges posed by the current national and international scenario’.


Among the points emphasised by Fortune in its analysis of Poste’s initiatives, there is also the digitalisation of its system with the gradual abandonment of paper, as well as the various initiatives for Italians: specifying that 80 per cent of the more than 30 million Italians registered so far with the SPID digital identity that allows online access to public administration services did so with Poste Italiane. Fortune also points out how the company has made its physical and technological network available for the vaccination campaign and has accredited itself as a key player in the digitalisation process in Italy. In addition, it set up and made available free of charge to the regions a digital and physical platform through which citizens could book vaccinations through postmen, post offices and via the web, enabling more than a third of Italians to get vaccinated. At the same time, more than 30 million doses of vaccine were distributed throughout Italy via SDA, the Group’s express courier service.