poste sociale

Not just business: Poste Italiane focuses on human capital, inclusion, and gender equality to increase its economic and social value, but also by pushing green mobility to decrease CO2 emissions and protect the planet’s balance. Thus begins an in-depth article that Il Tempo dedicates to the 2024 Sustain & Innovate Plus Plan from Italy’s largest company and largest employer, with over 120,000 employees.

People at the centre

People, Il Tempo states, are a fundamental resource and the company is fully aware of this, so much so that ‘People Development’ and ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ are two of the pillars of the group’s growth strategy defined in the plan presented by CEO Matteo Del Fante. With the 24SI Plus Business Plan, Poste Italiane aims to start a process of change that adds value by involving people to allow the full expression of each person’s potential through listening and trusting relationships, inclusive working environments, and improved organisational functioning through participation and disintermediation.

Gender equality

In particular, the plan aims to strengthen management systems for the professional development of women and to remove potential obstacles to gender equality, including those related to sexual orientation and the effects of gender-based violence. The company also guarantees equal treatment and condemns any form of discrimination, including gender and sexual orientation, writes Il Tempo, citing the many initiatives promoted by Poste in these areas.

Female presence

Today, more than half, 53%, of Poste Italiane’s workforce is made up of women, with 44.4% of its board members, 46% of its middle managers and executives, and 59% of its post office managers being women. Poste Italiane’s gender equality policies have been recognised through inclusion in the Top 100 global ranking on gender equality according to Equileap, a world leader in gathering data and insights on gender equality in the corporate sector.

Green fleet

Then there is the environmental chapter. Poste Italiane delivers home services to citizens through the largest company fleet in the country, explains the Roman newspaper. Today, it is strongly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Becoming a zero-emission company is in fact one of the goals of the four-year strategic plan that puts sustainability and innovation, at the heart of the company’s strategy, with the aim of achieving responsible growth and guiding Italy’s sustainability path.