Dipendenti e direttrici: in Poste Italiane le donne sono la maggioranza

Poste Italiane is an Italian company at the forefront of several issues: top of the list, the elimination of the gender gap, on both a professional and salary level. A corporate policy that has always brought Poste into the spotlight, as can be read in Corriere della Sera’s in-depth article ‘Il tempo delle donne’ (The time of women).

Women matter

As explained, women matter at Poste Italiane: 53% of employees are women, as are 59% of post office managers. ‘The company should be a model in the world of work,’ says Poste’s Co-General Manager Giuseppe Lasco, quoted in the Milan newspaper article.

A constantly growing female presence

Corriere della Sera traces the history of women at Poste, which celebrates its 160th anniversary this year and is now Italy’s largest company: ‘Since its founding,’ it says, ‘Poste has invested in women telegraphists, postal carriers, employees and managers. There were over 500 women employed already in 1881, more than 3,000 twenty years later and over 8,000 in 1911. Ordinary people, but also well-known faces such as the writer Matilde Serao and Teresina Gramsci (sister of Antonio Gramsci). Since then, the female presence has grown to today’s numbers: 65% of employees are women in Lazio and Friuli, 51% in Lombardy, 47% in Sicily and 41% in Apulia.’

Parenting support and no gender pay gap

The company’s policy takes this into account, supporting 100% pay during both the five months of maternity leave and parental leave, and eliminating the gender pay gap: ‘We believe in protecting the principles of gender equality in every area of corporate culture and at every level of responsibility,’ is the comment made by CEO Matteo Del Fante and reported by Corriere.

Constant generational turnover

The article also states that ‘by 2024, Poste Italiane will renew 25 per cent of its employees, a generational turnover that will involve counter operators and financial advisers (rising from 8,000 to 10,000), digital professionals, and specialists in insurance and payments.’ A company on the move that looks to the future by focusing on equality, technology and talent.