Poste Italiane è Top Employer per il quarto anno consecutivo

For the fourth consecutive year, Poste Italiane is among the best employers according to the Top Employers Institute thanks to its human resources development policies based on the principles of employee welfare, fairness and merit. The Top Employers Institute is the global body that has been certifying corporate excellence in HR policies in 121 countries worldwide for 30 years.

What makes Poste a “Top Employer”

The in-depth analysis and evaluation of HR practices and strategies recognised once again the soundness of Poste Italiane’s human resources policies: recruitment, onboarding, management, development, internal communication, training, corporate welfare and diversity & inclusion policies. A set of organisational practices and development of human and professional potential that facilitates the creation of a work and relationship environment in which each employee can develop his or her talents, thus contributing to the success of the entire Group.

The company’s commitment

“The “Top Employers 2023” certification reaffirms our ability to achieve the most ambitious objectives of the 24SI Plus strategic plan, also in the field of human resources,” said Matteo Del Fante, CEO of Poste Italiane. For Italy’s largest employer, this means being able to combine growth, results, innovation and development for the country with the creation of the best conditions to attract talent and enhance professionalism.” “Being a ‘Top Employer’ company confirms Gruppo Poste Italiane’s concrete and continuous commitment to the creation of an inclusive work environment that guarantees equal opportunities for work and professional growth,” commented Giuseppe Lasco, Co-General Manager of Poste Italiane. We have been contributing to the economic and social development of the country for more than 160 years and we will continue to do so by guaranteeing employees a path of professional fulfilment and constant improvement.”


In 2022, Poste Italiane also received the Equal Salary Certification, which certifies pay equity between women and men in the organisation. These certifications are in addition to other important recognitions obtained by Poste Italiane, including global leadership in gender equality according to Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index, entry into the Top 100 global rankings on gender equality drawn up by Equileap and the certification according to standard ISO 30415:2021 Human resource management – Diversity & Inclusion.