Torrita Tiberina, a municipality of 1,000 inhabitants on the outskirts of Rome, is one of the 7,000 centres involved in Poste Italiane’s Polis Project. The name of Aldo Moro, president of the Christian Democratic Party and victim of the Red Brigades, who is buried in the cemetery of the Lazio municipality, is linked to that municipality. Bruno Vespa, invited on stage at the La Nuvola Convention Centre in Rome for the presentation of the Poste’s Polis Project, said, “A few days after the assassination of Aldo Moro, I went to Torrita for a report. I found a clean and hard-working Italy, unjustly defined as minor, represented here by thousands of mayors who are the wealth of the country. I met young people who got up at dawn to go to school, workers who went to Rome every morning but could not wait to return to their refuge.”

Vespa: “Italy is the best of all”

Vespa then recounted other anecdotes linked to his long career as a journalist, from the earthquake in Friuli that destroyed the villages in the province to the most generous Italy, the same Italy that welcomes immigrants in from the cold. “The President of the Republic, who in eight years has toured Italy,” Vespa continued, addressing the Head of State, “can testify to the best of Italy. Unfortunately, many small towns remain without young people,” he added, reminding everyone that 50,000 people emigrate from our country every year with a loss of human capital amounting to14 billion. “The Italy of good stops this haemorrhaging with the growth and prosperity of a nation that is the most beautiful and the best of all.”