Il Condirettore Generale di Poste Lasco: “Polis progetto innovativo di coesione sociale. Ruolo strategico dei dipendenti di Poste”

“A beautiful project, as we have always said, a project of social cohesion, having the support of the highest offices of the State, starting with the President of the Republic, who cares so much about the small municipalities, the less inhabited territories, and having the support of the Prime Minister, the President of the Senate of the government ministers, who made the day solemn and makes us proud of what we are doing”, so said the Co-General Manager of Poste Italiane, Giuseppe Lasco on the sidelines of the presentation of Poste Italiane’s Polis project.

Thanks to the People of Poste

Co-Director General Lasco emphasised that the event held at the La Nuvola Convention Centre in Rome did not come about by chance. “Here,” he commented, “we have been working on this project for months with the Corporate Division, the Private Market and all the people who will work in the post offices and who will have to implement the Polis project. A special thanks goes out to our colleagues, to the people of Poste, who make us proud to have the opportunity to organise events like this”.