Poste Storie, un’opera in “filigrana” per sintetizzare la finanza sostenibile

A table of 36 elements divided into 4 colour triads that can be rearranged in an almost infinite number of combinations. Adriano Attus, designer and visual artist, imagined sustainable finance in this way after a call from Renato Fontana, curator of the ‘Poste Storie’ interactive exhibition set up at the central Post Office in Piazza San Silvestro, Rome.

The challenge of sustainable finance

‘Transforming Poste and finance into art was a challenge,’ stresses Attus. ‘I worked with numbers by playing with the idea of dynamisms in series of works that I called neometries, starting with a tile in the shape of a postage stamp. I tried to abstract the physical idea of money,’ the artist continues, ‘by combining the idea of a wave and the idea of a watermark, and I tried to use colour triads to do this.’ The result is a deliberately simple composition that evolves, representing the continuous interaction and intermingling of Poste, people and the financial system: ‘I also wanted the choice of colours to recall the most important currencies such as the Euro, Dollar and Yen in a context of internationality where money keeps endlessly spinning.’


Next to the table, the Poste Storie display also features a miniature reproduction of the work divided into 36 elements that can be composed and recomposed ad infinitum, ‘just as it is possible to recompose one’s financial portfolio in a sustainable manner ad infinitum,’ concludes the author of the work.