trasformazione logistica di poste

New service model and logistics transformation at the core:

  • New commercial service model maximizing the value of the platform:
    • Retail client coverage optimized and supported by digital enablers.
    • Transforming the post office from a transactional to a relational space, focused on building and maintaining strong customer relationships.
    • Renewing focus on micro-small business clients.
  • Logistics transformation:
    • Building a future-proof tech driven network to become a fully-fledged E2E logistics operator, transforming the postal network into an increasingly parcel focused one.
    • Developing a joint venture with a specialized logistic real-estate partner for the development of the parcel business and new warehouses for contract logistics.
    • Leveraging technology to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • The SuperApp, incorporating the new payment wallet, will be fully customized to client’s individual profiles and thanks to cutting-edge technology and Artificial Intelligence will be a unique access point to Poste Italiane’s ecosystem enabling a seamless experience maximising cross and up-selling potential.
  • Technological transformation as a backbone for sustainable growth, improving customer experience and loyalty and contributing to value generation thanks to cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Conservative and efficient cost discipline, accompanying the transformation strategy.
  • Continued investments in training and development, along with diversity and inclusion initiatives, to support people engagement and innovation.
  • Supporting Italy’s social and economic cohesion and reducing the digital divide with Polis Project. By 2026, about 7,000 post offices in small municipalities will be transformed into digital service hubs, enabling quick and easy access to a variety of Public Administration services. In addition, 250 co-working sites will be made available to citizens.
  • Continuing Group’s path towards carbon neutrality by 2030, setting new targets to enhance long term visibility.
  • New benefit corporation ‘Poste Mobility’ and a Green Index introduction, further supporting the decarbonization of logistics.
  • Target to increase renewable energy production by +40GWh over the period 2020-2026, through the installation of photovoltaic panels covering a total area of 1.6 million square feet.
  • Decarbonizing investment portfolio, targeting Net Zero by 2050.