Dividendo più alto, SuperApp e pacchi in 4 ore: il nuovo piano di Poste sui quotidiani

“Poste Italiane raises its dividends, at least 65% of profits to shareholders.” This is the title of Il Sole 24 Ore which, like all national newspapers, devotes ample space to the presentation of the new Strategic Plan presented yesterday to the press at the Group’s headquarters. “Poste Italiane lifts the veil on the 2024-28 business plan that is to take the group towards the placement of its second tranche on the market, presumably in the second half of the year. The highlight” – emphasizes the newspaper – “is the upward revision of the dividend policy, for which the payout of at least 65% of a net profit is back, set to remain around €1.9 billion in 2024, hit €2 billion in 2026 and reach €2.3 billion in 2028. CEO Matteo Del Fante “promises to distribute a dividend of at least €1 per share as of 2026, with a growth rate of 7 % per annum and a dividend payout of €6.5 billion for the next five-year period (against the €3.8 billion in the previous one).”

Profit increases

“Poste, 5-year development plan. Dividends worth €6.5 billion” is the headline of La Repubblica, which focuses on the ‘nervous system’ of the capillary distribution network. “Naturally, Poste will increasingly ride the wave of e-commerce,” observes La Repubblica, “which is why it will further adapt its distribution network to parcel delivery. This strategy requires physical, material investments. Warehouses will therefore be expanded to 400,000 square metres (also thanks to an alliance in the real estate sector). At the same time, Poste will try to perfect the model’s nervous system, with a vigorous injection of artificial intelligence into the delivery systems. A highly diversified company, Poste is betting on increased profits in all playing fields. The current accounts of small and medium-sized enterprises are expected to reach 400,000 with an average balance of €11,000. By 2028, the group expects to have 15 million new contracts including prepaid cards, phone sims, but also gas and electricity utilities.”

SuperApp and same-day delivery

Other newspapers are focusing on the new SuperApp announced by CEO Matteo Del Fante. Il Messaggero headlines: “Poste: increased profits and coupons. A new SuperApp and 19,000 recruitments” “The introduction of the SuperApp will simplify the lives of customers, who will have access to all of Poste’s services with a single gesture,” emphasises the Roman newspaper. “Poste – start of the new plan. SuperApp and parcels delivered in 4 hours” is the headline of La Stampa, which explains: “Great attention is paid the evolution of online trade: delivering a parcel in four hours is Poste’s challenge to keep up with the times. The experiment started in Campania and works like this: in some areas, goods purchased on e-commerce platforms on a very frequent basis will be accumulated at the carriers’ main warehouse, and artificial intelligence will predict orders in advance. Therefore, consumers buying a product online by midday can reasonably hope to have the parcel delivered to their door in the afternoon. When customers finalise their orders, they will see the delivery options, including ‘same day delivery’ with Poste.”