L’Ad di Poste Del Fante: “Cliente ancora più al centro con il nuovo piano, useremo canale fisico e digitale”

In five years, Poste Italiane will finalise an evolution that will put the customer increasingly at the centre of its strategy, offering products and services through both physical and digital channels. An indication of this was provided by CEO Matteo Del Fante, in an interview with TG Poste on the day after the presentation of the new business plan “The Connecting Platform”.

Customer focus

“Five years from now,” said the CEO, “I see Poste Italiane evolving from what we’re doing today.” “Compared to 2017,” he explained referring to the presentation of his first business plan, “ we’re a different company, we have put the customer at the centre of our strategy to offer our services. To do this,” he continued, “we have worked, and will continue to work, to improve the way people get in touch with Poste Italiane and the content of the service itself. In the plan we confirm our territorial presence with our network of 13,000 post offices, but we see more and more customers using digital channels in addition to the physical channel. We want to make life easier for them,” he concluded, “by meeting their needs.”

Above: CEO Matteo Del Fante’s interview with TG Poste