Con “Poste in Pratica” la rete di Poste Italiane a servizio dei cittadini e della PA

The new service is called “Poste in Pratica” and it is aimed at Public Administration bodies and citizens for submitting, checking, digitalising and sending administrative documents. Any institutions who implement the service can use the widespread post office network to submit and send documents of any kind, or schedule pick-up of documents at home by a letter carrier. For Poste this is a solution that will simplify processes, streamline administrative work flows and reduce submission times of administrative documents to Public Administration.

How the “Poste in Pratica” service works

The citizen who intends to send paperwork is informed directly by the administration on the possibility of using the service. At this point it will be sufficient to prepare the paperwork to be sent and take it to the post office. The post office worker, after confirming the identification of the customer, checks the completeness of the data entered, issues a receipt and sends the document to the Poste administrative service centers. After a check, the file is digitised and then sent directly to the PA, both in paper and digital format. The citizen who makes use of the service can also monitor the status of the paperwork and make use of the assistance channels of Poste Italiane.

Driver data sent to the traffic police

Thanks to an agreement with the Traffic Police, citizens can use Poste in Pratica to send driver data in the event of a highway code violation report. This type of communication must be sent when a fine is received which provides for the deduction of points from the driving license with the obligation to provide all the data of the person who was driving and who committed the violation to the authority within 60 days. To be in compliance, the communication of the actual driver’s data must be sent directly to the body that ascertained the violation through the Poste In Practice service. Alternatively, the citizen can also proceed by sending the data by registered letter with return receipt, or by certified e-mail or regular e-mail (if applicable) or by hand at the relevant office.

Denying vehicle ownership

Through the Poste in Pratica service it is also possible to send documentation denying vehicle ownership, this is necessary in the case of fictitious titles of the ownership of a vehicle, i.e. in the case in which the person named on the vehicle registration documents car (vehicle registration certificate, ownership certificate,) is unaware of the title in their name. Also in this case the person named in the paperwork, or someone on their behalf (without the need for a formal proxy), can present the file to the post office, which will verify the correctness of the requested data and proceed with forwarding it to the traffic police.

Paperwork for the Sicilian Region pension fund

Thanks to the recent agreement with Poste, the Poste In Pratica service is also active for retirees from Sicily, who can send 63 types of paperwork to the Sicilian Region Pension Fund via the post office. Simply download the forms on the website and deliver it to the nearest post office, without having to go in person to the Fund’s offices in Palermo and Catania. For example, the payment requests for retirement benefits and severance pay, the request for survivor’s pension, the sending of payslips, substitutive declaration and communication of income can be sent to the 769 post offices on the island.

Monitor the paperwork with the Search Shipments function

Citizens who use the Poste In Pratica service, at any time, can quickly and easily monitor the processing status of their paperwork, by entering the shipping receipt code in the dedicated section of the site or by calling the toll-free number 803 160, using the “Search Shipment” function of the Post Office App. Finally, you can also use WhatsApp messaging service on 371 500 3715 which puts the customer in contact with the Digital Post Office Assistant.