Il recapito è sempre più sostenibile con i nuovi veicoli green di Poste Italiane

Mission: Sustainability, also with green vehicles — Poste Italiane’s commitment has led to the launch of low-emission vehicles, in addition to the electric tricycles and quadricycles already present in the territory for delivering parcels and post. The new supply consists of four-wheeled vehicles. Cars and vans are equipped with the latest generation of endothermic engines: natural gas, hybrid, and full electric engines.

A process to help the environment

With these new vehicles, the post travels in an entirely ‘green’ manner throughout the delivery process. Before becoming part of the Poste Italiane fleet, the vehicles were modified and made functional to the needs of the postal service. For example, in some vehicles, the passenger seat is fitted with a special set-up for housing boxes or special racks for transporting parcels. Others feature accessories tailored to the mission of Poste Italiane, such as the Keyless Entry&Start system for remote driver recognition. With this technology, the doors and tailgate unlock automatically, making the work of operators easier.

Green vehicles in the future

The renewal of the company’s fleet from a sustainable perspective is one of the objectives of the ’24 SI’ business plan for the company led by CEO Matteo Del Fante and will continue through 2022 (to reach a total of 17,000 in 2024). This year, more than 4,000 all-electric vehicles are joining the company’s fleet. By 2023, the fleet will consist of 27,800 low-emission vehicles, of which 5,800 will be electric, 7,200 hybrid, and 14,800 low-emission.


All vehicles are highly autonomous and will be able to rely on a research infrastructure of up to 5,800 charging stations. Meanwhile, the fleet already includes brand new pedal-assisted Cargo Bikes equipped with mini containers for transporting the post, for increasingly sustainable deliveries that respect the territory and the environment.