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Poste Italiane: conferito a diciassette giornaliste il premio speciale “Matilde Serao”

Serao Special Award for 17 female journalists. Lasco: “Poste’s tribute to the courage and...

The ceremony took place with the President of the Company, Maria Bianca Farina, and the Co-General Manager, Giuseppe Lasco in attendance
L’AD Del Fante: “Poste è il polo italiano di competenze digitali”

CEO Matteo Del Fante: ‘Poste is Italy’s digital skills hub’

The words of Poste's CEO Del Fante at the conference entitled ‘Italia: riprendere il filo della crescita', organised in Rome by Assonime
Pacchi, ricariche e pagamenti cashless: portalettere sempre più digitali con i nuovi palmari

Parcels, top-ups, and cashless payments: letter carriers become increasingly digital with new handheld devices

Here are all the functions available to letter carriers thanks to new handheld devices to offer customers an effective, secure, and innovative service
poste sociale

Women, environment and education: Poste’s economic and social value grows sustainably

Poste Italiane focuses on human capital, inclusion, gender equality, and attention to the environment to increase its economic and social value

PostePay Code gives you an easy and straightforward payment experience

The digital payment service via QR Code in the PostePay App is an important step in Poste's digital transformation and innovation path
Corrispondenza, pacchi e logistica: il risultato operativo è positivo per il terzo trimestre consecutivo

E-commerce: Poste Italiane was the protagonist of Netcomm Focus Logistic & Packaging 2022

Parcel collection services are increasingly tailored to market demands and strongly committed to sustainability principles
Dalla transizione green alla sicurezza: i risultati della crescita sostenibile di Poste:

From green transition to security: The results of Poste’s sustainable growth

In the second quarter, several of Poste's actions created long-term value for the benefit of all stakeholders
I portalettere e la pandemia: “Abbiamo consegnato anche il pane per aiutare la gente”

Postmen and women and the pandemic: “We also delivered bread to help people”

The story of a postman from Salerno, working in the Bergamo area, who didn’t hesitate to lend a hand during the most difficult period of the pandemic
CEO Matteo Del Fante: “Poste Italiane is a market leader at the service of the country”

CEO Matteo Del Fante: “Poste Italiane is a market leader at the service of...

CEO Matteo Del Fante speaking at Poste Italiane’s 160th anniversary event: “Our company acts as a platform with a social function for the country as a whole”
At Poste, customer relationships are founded on training.

At Poste, customer relationships are founded on training

Poste Italiane has continued to invest in training throughout 2021, providing almost 6 million hours nationwide

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