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Poste Italiane: un francobollo celebra i 25° anniversario del Garante per la privacy

Poste Italiane: a postage stamp celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Italian Data Protection...

The vignette depicts the graphic stylisation of Leonardo's Vitruvian man that ideally transforms into digital data
Flotta rinnovata ed emissioni giù: decolla il piano green di Poste Italiane

Renewed fleet and lowered emissions: Poste Italiane’s green plan takes off

In La Stampa, an in-depth study on Poste Italiane's green plan and its landing on the energy market
“A market lesson”, Poste's record results in the national press in Italy's most difficult year

“A market lesson”, Poste’s record results in the national press in Italy’s most difficult...

From il Sole 24 Ore to la Repubblica, from il Messaggero to il Foglio, here are the newspapers’ headlines and analyses on Poste's brilliant performance in the first nine months of 2022
The literary and journalistic successes of Matilde Serao: It all began at Poste e Telegrafi in Naples

The literary and journalistic successes of Matilde Serao: It all began at Poste e...

The founder of Il Mattino was a telegraphist in Naples for three years. That experience inspired a lively and meaningful portrait of women's work
poste del fante

Poste, Q3 net profit up 15% and record operating profit. Del Fante: “The growth...

The Poste Board of Directors has approved the financial results of the first nine months of 2022: “We are well positioned to continue to generate value,” comments CEO Del Fante.
Corrispondenza, pacchi e logistica: il risultato operativo è positivo per il terzo trimestre consecutivo

Mail, parcels and logistics: operating profit is positive for the third consecutive quarter

In the third quarter of 2022 parcel revenues are recovering, standing at €328 million and up 4.5% year on year.
Servizi Finanziari: ricavi a 1,2 miliardi di euro nel terzo trimestre

Financial Services: €1.2 billion in revenues in the third quarter

Robust growth in net interest income (NII), which has risen by 34.7% compared to the first quarter of 2021 and stands at €525 million
Servizi assicurativi: solidi risultati sui comparti “vita” e “danni”

Insurance services: strong performance in the “life” and “P&C” sectors

In the third quarter of 2022 insurance revenues grew 23.9% year on year and amount to €500 million
Pagamenti e mobile: una crescita notevole su tutte le linee di prodotto

Payments and mobile: significant growth across all product lines

PostePay continues to play a key role as a market leader with robust growth and expansion of digital services in Italy, thanks also to the contribution of LIS
Polis has been launched - Poste's project to renovate post offices in small municipalities. The first to get the OK for funding from the EU

Polis has been launched – Poste’s project to renovate post offices in small municipalities....

CEO Matteo Del Fante: 'We want to lead the country's digital transition’ Co-General Manager Giuseppe Lasco: 'President Mattarella cares a lot about this project and we are grateful to him because he has always supported it'

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